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Panda French Terry Fabric


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Panda French Terry is a choice knit fabric, perfectly suited for your pieces which require versatility and comfort. The suppleness, give, and moderately absorptive quality of French Terry cloth brings delightful agility while providing a cosy texture and support.

Knit fabrics in general, as the name suggests, are comprised of a knit-like matrix of interconnected loops which lend to the fabrics stretchability and makes it less prone to fraying and wear. This quality lends especially well to lower intensity active wear, loungewear and casualwear- providing manoeuvrability and comfort simultaneously, with the added durability required for a long lasting garment.


Our certified Oeko-Tex eco fabric is comprised of 95% cotton, 5% spandex, weight of 280gsm +/- 10

As opposed to rotary or screen, our digitally printed fabric delivers impressively bold colour and clarity, with room for expected fading after washing [best care instructions of our Panda French Terry Fabric]

Sold as half a meter per unit, 150cm width.

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