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Girl Pumpkin Shorts Pattern Tutorial

Girl Pumpkin Shorts Pattern Tutorial

“English is not my first language, if my instruction is confusing, please don’t feel hesitate to leave a message below or email me.”

Have you experience of buying lots of digital patterns when they are on sale or the patterns catches your eyes? For me, yes, I bought lots of patterns but I just sew a few of them. My husband is a big man and I found it is very hard to find the right pattern for him, so I decided to create my own patterns. I bought a few pattern books and learnt how to use CAD software to create patterns. It took me about 1 month to figure it out ( I am still on my learning path). 

This pattern is puffy pumpkin looking shorts, I personally think it is really cute. 

Before drawing your own pattern, we need a few tools and materials:

Main fabric, lining fabric, ruler(s), pen, scissors, elastic(2.5cm), elastic(0.6-1cm)

The image above is from book: Metric Pattern Cutting for Children’s wear and babywear

We also need to know a few measurements:

Hip(round), waist(round), body rise, upper leg circle

For example: for size 110cm (5 years old), the hip is 62cm, the waist is 56cm and the body rise is 18.4cm

Now, let’s start to draw our pumpkin shorts pattern.

Step 1, Draw a rectangle, the width is hip and the height of rectangle is body rise + 2cm. Then, divide the width into 2 equal parts and draw a straight line to the bottom of the rectangle. Horizontally move the straight line to right part 1cm and draw a straight line to the bottom. Divide (body rise+2cm) into 3 equal parts and draw a horizonal line from 1/3 from the bottom( we call this line: hip line), shown on the image below. 


Divide the right part of the rectangle into 4 equal parts, measure the length of 1/4 of it let’s mark it as x and we will use this x later.

Extend horizontally the bottom right corner of the rectangle x-1 and link to the hip line ( see image below). Then we draw a 45 degree line and divide it into 3 equal parts and draw a smooth curly line which passes through the third point of 3 equal parts. We then do the exactly same thing to the bottom left point of rectangle. Extend (x-1) length and then extend 2/3x length. Now we draw a 90 degree straight vertical line down. The length of this vertical line is 0.7cm (Why? this  prevents our bottom from no space to move around) 

Mark a point 3.5cm(red mark in the image) right from top left of rectangle and link to the bottom left point of the rectangle(blue line in the image), then extend this line to the top 3cm (purple line) , . Draw a smooth curly line from the very bottom to the very top (shown in the image below) and draw a smooth curly line of the waist line.

Now it is time to draw the legs part. 

Draw another rectangle B underneath the existing rectangle(Bold red line). The height of B is 8-10cm. Mark a point left from bottom right of B 1cm. (Same as the bottom left point of B) and link to the front crotch point ,then extend the linked line down 0.5cm (shown in the image below green line) and make sure the angle of hem line is 90 degree. Link the points of back crotch and extend the linked line and make sure the length of the full linked line equals the full linked line on the right. Link two end points and Draw a smooth curly line.  

Now we finished the main fabric part, and start to draw the lining fabric. Based on the main fabric pattern, we indent the height of leg 3cm and erase the part above dashed line( the dashed line become waist line)

The two figures above show the seam allowance 1cm and hem 4cm

I will create another blog with free download pattern(11ocm) to show the details of how to sew this shorts.

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